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Interested in training to become a valet, manager, referee or professional wrestler with the IWE?

The Specifics
The Price
  • The Price of training with the IWE is 40 dollars per session. Each session occurs on the day of each IWE event.  
(All trainees under 18 must have proper legal guardian signed release forms.)

When To Be There
  • All potential trainees must report to head trainer 
    Jimmy Capone at the venue by 1pm
  • Each potential trainees MUST be there no later then 1pm to help build the ring & MUST stay later then the finale of each event for teardown. 
Failure to do either will result in probable ejection from the class.
  • Periodically there will be guest trainers from all across the globe

What To Bring
  • All potential trainees should bring the follow articles of clothing and ectera, to be able participate in training;
Proper workout attire, including wrestling knee and elbow pads 
A spare set of footwear, 
A notebook & writing implement.

What To Expect
chance to start a career in the professional wrestling scene in Maine.

For Further Information contact: IWRESTLINGE@hotmail.com
Student wrestling against Chris Hamrick
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